Northern California Parachuting

NorCal Skydiving wants you to become one of the 400,000 Americans who try skydiving for the first time every year – or, if you've already experienced the thrill of skydiving, to make your next jump the uniquely scenic experience of Northern California parachuting.

A Northern California skydive is an unforgettable experience because of the thrill of adventure, the speed of the freefall, and the spectacular vistas. You know Northern California is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of America. Home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Western Hemisphere, in this one small region of the country, you can catch picturesque glimpses of the Sierra Nevada, the Pacific Ocean, the glaciers of Mount Shasta, the incredible Clear Lake, and Sonoma Lake with its brilliant water skiers.

Parachuting anywhere offers a view like no other. A Northern California parachuting adventure will give you views unmatched; plus it will give you a thrill you will never forget. You'll want to experience it again and again.

Northern California Skydiving

NorCal Skydiving is ideally located for your Northern California parachuting trip, situated in Cloverdale in the Alexander Valley. The valley location protects our drop zone from wind and – more specifically – for a Northern California skydive – fog. On days that other skydiving companies are grounded, adventurous travelers and native Californians will enjoy their Northern California parachuting experience through clear skies and soft winds.

NorCal is located in Sonoma County so our Northern California skydiving experience couples perfectly with an outing in California's world famous wine country. Visit our homepage to see what's going on in and around Sonoma County and the town of Cloverdale and check out some of the attractions after your jump – or just make reservations for a meal that will be that much more satisfying after a skydive.

Or, better yet, sign up for a second jump within 24 hours of your first and receive a discount of 20 percent on that second jump.

Your Northern California skydiving trip can be done in tandem with one of our United States Parachute Association certified jump masters, which is required for a first jump. If you have already done a tandem, you can sign up for an Accelerated Free Fall student program, which includes intensive ground training and seven jumps for the average student.

NorCal Skydiving is the Northern California parachuting company that customers rave about. See some of the comments on Yelp from those who had the thrill of their lives on their Northern California skydiving experience.