Bay Area Parachuting

For anyone looking to add thrills to life in the Bay Area, parachuting is about as thrilling as it gets. And if you are already considering parachuting, Northern California is hard to beat as a locale.

Whether you live in San Francisco, Sonoma or somewhere else in Northern California, parachuting will give you memories to last a lifetime.

There are few feelings that can compare with an adrenaline-rushing leap from an airplane and a plunge to earth at more than 100 miles an hour. This is the adventure you will be proud to tell your friends about. Anywhere in the United States, including Northern California, parachuting is intensely regulated and governed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Parachute Association. Your Bay Area parachuting trip will be done hand-in-hand with certified jump instructors who are trained in parachuting safety.

Northern California Parachuting

"NorCal" is an ideal location for skydiving because of the incredible views. If you have ever been in an airplane, you know getting that bird’s eye view is a unique way to see landscapes both near and far, perspectives that human eyes almost never get to enjoy. Now, imagine stripping away the walls and floor of that plane and giving yourself a full, 360-degree view for a hundred miles in each direction. It’s a glorious proposition.

Northern California, however, makes this vista that much better with its breathtaking scenery. There is the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the costal hills and mountains, and the fascinating skyline of San Francisco. Parachuting will give you a better view of all of these breathtaking features than anyone on the ground can possibly enjoy.

NorCal Skydiving’s location in Cloverdale, California, gives it close proximity to the wine country of Sonoma and Napa counties (check our “Wine Country” links), as well as to Marin County, San Francisco, Berkeley and the rest of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. What better place to enjoy those views from on high!

Most important, NorCal’s Cloverdale location in the Alexander Valley protects the drop zone from wind and fog – which Northern California is famous for! While others are on the ground, with fog blocking their views, you will be enjoying a clear vista of the beautiful surroundings – and having the thrill of a lifetime on your Sonoma parachuting experience!