Tandem Skydiving - What To Bring


The temperature when you exit the plane is typically about 40 degrees cooler than the temperature on the ground, but we are going to have you in a nice warm jump suit, so you are usually ok wearing whatever you'd be comfortable with on the ground. Dresses and skirts don't usually work out very well as you can imagine. Some comfortable athletic shoes are recommended. In the winter, having some light gloves can help keep your hands from getting cold in free fall.

Sun Protection

We do have covered areas where you can relax and watch people jump, but you should always bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself form the sun.


Even if you ordered a video package, having a video and/or still camera to record the parts of your experience when your videographer isn't with you (like gearing up) is a good idea.

Food To BBQ

We have an outdoor grill and picnic table that you can use to grill your own food if you want to hang out and watch our operations after you jump. Of course you can always get a great meal at one of the many nearby restaurants.