Best Rated Drop Zone in California

Come on a Bay Area skydiving excursion with us and experience the adventure of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places in the world! When you jump from more than two miles up, you'll be falling at 120 mph toward the Russian River which snakes through the Alexander Valley right next to our landing field.

NorCal Skydiving is located in the heart of Northern California's Wine Country right off US Highway 101 in Sonoma County close to San Francisco.

At NorCal, we want to make your Sonoma skydiving experience one of the highlights of your life. Our staff is dedicated to making sure you are having a blast from the time you drive into our parking lot until you leave with your video and first jump certificate.

Home of the 2015 Red Bull Aces

In October Red Bull brought the world's top wing suit pilots to NorCal Skydiving's facilities in Cloverdale for the 2015 Red Bull Aces championship. 8 helicopters, 40 competitors, and hundreds of cameras were used to capture the competition. Come skydive with us and see why Red Bull picked the NorCal Skydiving Drop Zone for the location of this groundbreaking event.

Bay Area Sky Diving and Parachuting

Parachuting in the Bay Area is an unforgettable new way to experience Northern California. Skydiving provides sheer exhilaration that you will never forget. What better place to do that than in the Bay Area, the place you call home and a region known for outdoor adventure?

A Northern California skydive excursion allows you to feel at one with this scenic, wide-open and naturally stunning locale. Your Bay Area skydive will not just give you the thrill of soaring through the air, borne on the wind at 120 miles an hour, it will also provide an unmatched view of such physical wonders as the Pacific Ocean, the steam from the geysers, the glaciers of Mount Shasta, Tomalas Bay, the Russian River, the Alexander Valley vineyards and the rest of the lush wine-growing region of Napa and Sonoma.

San Francisco Skydive

A Bay Area skydive gives you the opportunity to see San Francisco in a brand new way. Skydiving's popularity is due not just to the incredible sense of adventure, or the thrill of the free fall, but because of the incredible perspective you get. No matter where you are, you cannot get the same incredible view from the ground as you will experience high up in the sky. With no airplane hull comming between you and the world, it is the most thrilling perspective you can possibly get. You will never find a sight quite like it. San Francisco parachuting in nearby Sonoma County will let you rise above it all and take in the full 360 degrees of San Francisco's unique character. And, with the drop zone located in Alexander Valley, over the Russian River, the drop zone is protected from wind and fog. No wind to cancel your San Francisco skydiving trip. No fog to obscure your views.

Northern California Skydiving Adventure for Everyone

Anyone 18 and older and weighing 250 pounds or less is eligible to go skydiving and no experience is necessary. Tyler Wareham and his staff all are licensed expert instructors, certified by the United States Parachute Association. They are there for one reason to help anyone in the Bay Area who wants to try skydiving to learn and enjoy in an affordable environment. NorCals Sonoma skydiving operation provides experts to accompany beginners on tandem jumps, during which you can enjoy all the thrills of freefall at 120 miles an hour, then feeling the canopy catch the air and slow you down before gliding you softly to the ground. The licensed expert handles all the equipment for you.

Northern California Skydiving - Student Program

Once you have tried your first Northern California parachuting experience, you may want to pursue your own United States Parachute Association A license so you can jump solo. Our Accelerated Free Fall program gives Bay Area skydiving enthusiasts a chance to follow their passion for the sport the way we did, by going through the gradual steps toward solo jumping by first jumping with two instructors along side, then one. Within seven jumps, you could be on your way to a license.

For those with a license and their own gear, NorCal Skydiving is the place to be, with jump tickets priced at just $25.

Sonoma County Skydiving - Come See for Yourself

Visit our yelp page and see what others have to say about the great experience they had making their Bay Area skydive with NorCal Skydiving. The staff and the location will have you thanking yourself for taking this opportunity to enjoy the great adventure sport of skydiving in Northern California. A Sonoma skydive will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

San Francisco Parachuting - It is Affordable!

With tandem jumps costing $199, parachuting excursions are affordable. Take advantage of an additional 20 percent off another Bay Area parachuting trip if you choose to book within 24 hours after your jump and you will want to!

Call NorCal Skydiving today and get ready for the Bay Area skydiving experience of a lifetime!