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Tandem Skydive


Experience the thrill and freedom of skydiving and see Sonoma County like you've never seen it before!

Learn to skydive/AFF


Come out and learn from some of the most experienced skydivers in the sport!

Experienced Fun Jumpers


Come and fly with us over Sonoma County!

Tandem Skydive



Basic Tandem - 9,000 ft

Our lowest priced option to experience the thrill of skydiving.

  • $169

Classic Tandem - 12,000 ft

Our most common altitude jump, you can't beat the value for the added free fall time!

  • $199

Fuel Surcharge

NorCal charges a fuel surcharge of $1 for every pound the student weighs over 200 pounds up to 250 pounds. (maximum weight 250 pounds)

Video and Picture packages

You'll want to document your adventure so you can relive it again and again!

  • Video or Pictures only: $79
  • Video and Pictures (best value): $99

Group Discounts

All members of the group must be present at check-in to receive the discount.

  • 5-9 jumpers: 5% off
  • 10-14 jumpers: 10% off
  • 15-19 jumpers: 15% off
  • 20 or more jumpers: 20%

Discounts only apply to jump prices 

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

A $50 per person deposit is required for a reservation at the time of booking. An additional $50 fee per person will be charged for any changes or cancellation of a booking within 72 hours of the time of a scheduled jump.


Walk-ins are welcome any day we are open. Walk-ins are flown on a first come, first served basis after any reservations. We will do our best to accommodate all walk-ins, but we make no guarantees. If you really must jump on a given day or time, we recommend a reservation.

What to expect when you choose NorCal Skydiving


Nestled in the heart of world famous wine country, NorCal Skydiving boasts some of the best views anywhere in California. From our plane and during your skydive you can often see from the Pacific Ocean to the Sierra Nevada Mountains! Our stunning views include Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California’s largest natural lake, The San Francisco Bay, Napa Valley, and the Russian River.

But what sets us apart? Our unbeatable customer experience! You’ll get to meet and chat with your instructors as they gear you up and walk you through your jump experience. Our instructors have tens of thousands of jumps between them and they absolutely love what they do. From their witty banter to their undivided attention to YOU and your safety, you’ll know you’re in good hands while having more fun than you’ve had since… well, maybe ever!!

At NorCal skydiving we believe the experience starts and ends on the ground. We’re the only skydive center in the Bay Area where your friends and family can watch you gear up, get on the plane, skydive and land safely right before their eyes. Before and after your jump you can relax at our picnic tables, grill a delicious meal on our BBQ, and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. We know you’ll LOVE your skydive and our instructors will make sure you have a great time on the ground as well. Most of us at NorCal Skydiving made our first tandem skydive here and never left. Even our owner, Tyler Wareham, started his skydiving career here at the airport over 15 years ago.

While you’re visiting us, you’ll be moments away from the best of northern California. The area hosts first class wineries and legendary breweries such as Russian River Brewing and Lagunitas Brew Co. Sonoma County is also home to natural wonders such as the Sonoma Coast, geothermal hot springs, Armstrong Redwoods, and the Russian River.

NorCal Skydiving offers a truly unique experience in a truly magnificent location. You have a choice to go skydiving anywhere, but we sure hope you come and spend the day with the NorCal family.

Jump day preparation

You should plan on being at NorCal for about 2 hours for your experience, more if you have a larger group. Because weather can cause delays in our schedule we encourage jumpers to make a day out of your skydiving experience. There are a lot of great places to grab food and drinks within a couple of miles of the airport and most of our staff are locals, so feel to ask for recommendations on the best places to go. We know all the good spots!!

The temperature when you exit the plane can typically be about 40 degrees cooler than on the ground but we have jump suits available. You're usually okay to wear whatever you'd be comfortable with wearing on the ground and some light athletic shoes are recommended. 

We have pinic tables and umbrellas available to relax at, so be sure to bring your friends and family to watch or hang out after to watch our operation. We also have a BBQ available to use so if you feel like bringing out some yummy food and hanging out for a while you're more than welcome.

Learn to skydive/AFF


Come and learn to fly with us!

NorCal Skydiving encourages anyone interested in becoming a licensed sport skydiver to inquire about our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) student program.

Our AFF course is a USPA/FAA endorsed program for teaching the sport of skydiving, and NorCal's instructors are rated by the USPA. The course begins with a 6-8 hour ground school prior to making the first jump. After ground school is completed, our instructor will administer an oral exam. After completion of the oral exam, the student will suit up and make a skydive assisted by two freefall AFF instructors. The jumping portion of the AFF program includes 7 levels (usually accomplished in 7 jumps). For the first 3 levels, the student will be accompanied by two instructors, and for the final 4 levels, the student will be accompanied by a single instructor.

As the AFF student progresses through each level of the course, the instructors' role goes from very "hands on" to that of purely observing. Before you know it, you will be signed off for solo jumping. Once signed off for solo jumping, you will complete the necessary jumps/requirements to be eligible for a USPA "A" license.


Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

  • Ground School: $100
  • Level1: $269
  • Level 2: $269
  • Level 3: $269
  • Level 4: $169
  • Level 5: $169
  • Level 6: $169
  • Level 7: $169


  • Coach Jump: $50 (plus jump ticket)


After your AFF course, there are still a lot of skills to learn to get your USPA A License. NorCal provides coaching to get you licensed and jumping on your own at NorCal or at any other USPA drop zone in the country. Designed around the USPA Integrated Student Program, our coaches will train you in the following areas of skydiving:

  • Exit and Freefall
  • Canopy Flight
  • Equipment
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Rules and Recommendations
  • Spotting and Aircraft

Each coaching session involves ground school and a jump. Your coach may film you during freefall and/or under canopy and provide you with a post jump briefing as well.  (see pricing above)

Why choose NorCal?

At NorCal Skydiving you'll receive a 1 on 1 training and coaching experience you wont find at any other dropzone. With a combined number of over 20,000 jumps our 2 AFF instructors are some of most highly skilled and dedicated instructors in the biz.

Not only that, but most of our highly trained staff (including our owner/AAF instructor) and skilled local fun jumpers all learned how skydive here at NorCal and still jump here regularly.  You don't have to take it from us either, stop by and chat with the skydivers you'll find out in Cloverdale every weekend and ask them how their experience was becoming a licensed skydiver. 

We're positive you wont want to learn anywhere else once you do!

Experienced fun jumpers


Licensed Skydivers

We encourage all USPA B licensed and higher skydivers to come jump with us and experience how great our drop zone is.

We're a smaller Cessna dropzone so funloads can be limited. We try to put up as many loads as we can and encourage you to call ahead to check for availability.


To jump at NorCal you need to have a current USPA membership with a B license or higher (unless you completed your AFF course at NorCal). If you don't meet these requirements, give us a call.


  • Jump Ticket: $30
  • Hop N Pop: $15
  • Rig Rental: $20

Rigging Services

NorCal has a Senior Rigger on staff. For information and pricing regarding services, repairs, and reserve re-packs feel free to give us a call at (888) 667-2259 or send an email to info@norcalskydiving.com

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